Environments - 22 May 2019

Why travertine is a winning choice for pools

The use of travertine for pool coping is definitely recommended. It is a material of limestone origin that is formed and originates from water and in water.
It has always been used to create aquatic environments such as pools and fountains. Take for example the numerous Roman fountains (especially the famous Trevi Fountain) and the ancient spas.

The only external agents capable of attacking travertine and damaging it are acids. So, let’s debunk, once and for all, the idea that chlorine can ruin our coping material. While chlorine can lead to a slight colour change in the travertine over time, making it lighter, it absolutely does not damage it.
Another reason why we recommend using travertine in damp environments is the fact that it is not slippery, even when wet, as is proven from various technical tests on the material.

The images below show some of our work at a fabulous villa in Castiglione della Pescaia.

Piscina e villa in travertino chiaro

The inside of the pool was completely covered with small, 10×10 tumbled tiles of Becagli chiaro Pdr 006, which were installed in different directions, to demarcate the various pool areas.

Piscina con pavimentazione in travertino


Piscina in travertino bordo a sfioro

The borders created are 4.5 cm thick, with particular craftsmanship to contain the LED lighting, for better definition of the changes in depth at night.
To create a colour contrast, the relaxation areas around the pool were created using Becagli scuro Pdr 011. The finish is Rurale, only smoothed.

Another important consideration is the result you wish to obtain for the colour of the water.

Let’s see if we can explain it better. Obviously, water has no colour, but the bottom of a pool can create variations. For example, a light blue bottom will make it seem turquoise, getting darker as the water gets deeper.

If you look at a mountain lake, the transparent water rests on a darker bottom, with a colour that is not uniform, so the water is iridescent, with shades ranging from green to light blue.

Lago di montagna

This is the same effect you will get using an iridescent travertine colour like Pdr 013 terra chiara.

Summer has arrived: have you chosen the travertine that works best for you?

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