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5 +1 Interior designer Instagram profiles to follow in 2020.

In a nutshell: we spend a lot of time on Instagram. Whether it’s because we’re doing research for our work, or because we like to keep up-to-date on the latest trends, let’s say we like to discover design ideas on this popular social platform.

Of course, inspiration abounds all over the internet, but Instagram is often our go-to source. It’s the most up-to-date way to discover what’s trending in the world of interior design. (Not forgetting our blog of course!)

If you accept the extreme risk that it might make you feel like renovating your home, read on, as we’re about to share the Instagram decorating accounts, we’ll be following non-stop in 2020.

These are the pages dedicated to interior design to follow on Instagram right now, (we apologise in advance for the hours you’ll spend staring at the screen).




We love how Stefania Passera embraces vibrant colours and patterns in a sophisticated and fresh way.  Her Instagram always brings a good dose of vintage, but also extremely contemporary inspiration to the feed.


arredamento in instagram

There are many interior design Instagram profiles, but not many tackle the feed so energetically and with such extreme colours. Decorhardcore by Ksenia Shestakovskaia brings a new approach to design, blending the old with the new. This account is full of inspirational posts, even though Hardcore Is Not For Everybody.

@ o.interior

Pagine da seguire su instagram arredamento

If you need an inspirational boost, you can count on this profile. It is the glorification of #lifegoals. We like the subtlety, elegant style, and refined aesthetics of the posts, which are all dedicated to the coolest trendy furnishings.


Profili instagram interior design

Another one of our favourite interior design Instagram accounts is by Alexandra Poster Bennaim, CEO of Alexandra Public Relations, an international PR agency. The photos he publishes and shares are classic but pleasantly modern, and all of extremely high quality.


Arredamento in instagram

For a slick Instagram account full of tasteful, design-inspired furniture, check out Ateliervime. The beautiful images are always clear-cut and refined. They show us beautiful interiors that are fiercely ambitious.


Arredamento su instagram


The mission of Homepolish is to make the place a better world. They certainly give us a minimalist and sophisticated feed. Turn to them when you’re in the mood for an elegant atmosphere. They seem to be able to deliver these images effortlessly.



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