News - 08 January 2021

Masonry kitchen in the Pisa countryside

There is something undeniably charming about the masonry kitchens you can find in old country houses, especially in Tuscany.

The beauty of the rustic style is that it is always appealing. How can you recreate it in your home? You can start with a treasured vintage table and work your way up to kitchen counter tops that match this mood. The country style works well if you live in a block of flats and to a much greater degree if you live outside the city. That’s where it truly comes into its own. Here is an example of one of our latest projects in the countryside just outside Pisa, featuring a masonry kitchen.

The owner came to see us in our showroom where he fell in love with some products to use along with a professional cooker from the prestigious Officine Gullo.

Cucina in muratura officine gullo

Cucina officine gullo in cucina in muratura

We made the Acquaio solid travertine washbasin for the customer’s family, supplied the 100×100 Avana Mix tiles for the wall covering in the masonry kitchen, the Torelli 3×3 tiles for the end of the wall covering and the Angolari for the corners.

Lavandino pietre di rapolano

Finally, we also made the custom worktops, after taking measurements and making templates to ensure the pieces were perfect. We also assembled the counter tops on site and had a country-style burnished brass tap made for them by a trusted craftsman.

Dettaglio cucina in muratura

The result is truly bewitching. Don’t you think? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would also like a country and rustic kitchen!

10x10 travertino per cucina in muratura, lavabo e piani

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