News - 09 August 2018

Summer closing 2018 August 11th to 26th

Summer closing period from 11 to 26 August.

Read the closing dates carefully and discover the current promotions!


How and when will the orders be shipped during the summer closing?

All orders placed from the 9th of August will be taken over and shipped from the 27th of August.

  • Shipment of orders for available goods is expected by 31st August.
  • Orders for goods not available will be confirmed and the confirmation date will be confirmed.

Can I contact you during the summer closing period?

Email: All requests invited from August 11th to August 26th will NOT be taken over by the customer service department until reopening.
Telephone: We will not be able to answer the phone, please call after August 27th
Messenger: We have the messenger service active on the customer service phones, which will try to provide the information as possible as soon as possible.


Are there any promotions during the summer closing?

Of course yes! We have 3 discount codes valid from 11 to 26 August.

SUMMER2018 -> inserting this code you will get a discount of € 20 on all products over € 150


We’ll talk in September and have a good holiday!
The PDR staff

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