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How to install a Pietra di Rapolano shower base

The shower base in Pietra di Rapolano are made from a single piece of solid travertine, of various thicknesses, depending on the model. The travertine, as known, is a material with holes and cavities on the surface. The shower bases, like the bathroom and kitchen sinks, are sold filled and polished, this means that a cement grouting makes them perfectly compact and watertight. A final silicon treatment ensures water resistance.

pietra naturale piatto doccia

Nonetheless we suggest to interposed between the substrate and the shower base a waterproof membrane because, despite all the precautions described above, some small hole or cavity could be remain.

Evidently there will never seepages , but in the case that due to time and use some very small leakage will manifest, the presence of the impermeable membrane will prevent all sorts of problems .

You can use a proper membrane or Mapelastic waterproofing product. The installation is absolutely easy and guarantee from any repairs and future problems that would be solved only through the disassembly of the shower base.

piatto doccia travertino marmo montaggio installazione bagno lavori piletta

Follow the Installation Steps :

  1. waterproofed with membrane or Mapelastic the whole area in which insert the shower base 
  2. Mount the drain ( it is suggested the use the Silfra Mod AD 300 drain
  3. install and set the Shower Base 

Care should be taken to set the membrane few centimeters above the level of the connection between covering and shower base to avoid possible seepages . By following these simple tips , our shower tray is installed perfectly. 

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