Home ideas - 17 March 2015

How to choose the mosaic for the bathroom

The mosaic is a timeless decor, a fine detail to personalize your spaces. The mosaic is in fact a technique used since ancient times from 7 th B.C.

The mosaic in the bath is a perfect choice to add colors and patterns to the surfaces. Many shapes and designs can be made with the tiles to decorate a detail of the bath, a wall or the shower.

coral mix mosaico in travertino

The travertine mosaic in Pietra di Rapolano are in different colors that can match every bathroom. The hues available are natural ones from beige to pink to brown.

Choose the travertine mosaic that best suits your needs selecting by :

  • color
  • pattern
  • finishing

If your choice is about the color you need to consider in addition to your taste also the characteristics of the bathroom . For small spaces we recommend light colors from white to beige and the mosaic decoration combined with travertine tiles.

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