Environments - 12 June 2019

Dark inspirations for your home. Go over to the dark side.

There is a new trend slowly taking hold; Gothic style furnishings that use various shades of black, from matte to glossy. It is definitely a bold plunge into the dark side that has little to do with moodiness.

A black marble kitchen, black marble bathroom, or a dark bedroom is elegant and chic yet always sophisticated. This non-colour can often be seen as an aggressive choice, but just take a look at Pinterest to see its enormous success.

cucina nera

Opposites attract

Indeed, the charm of dark Gothic furnishings often arises out of the way this colour “captures” the shadow when paired with contrasting colours: black washbasins on contrasting surfaces seem ultra-polished. Remember, opposites attract.

lavandino nero

Choose your shadow

All shades of black are not the same and this plays an important role in the finished product depending on the natural light that filters through, the surrounding areas, and your personal taste. We recommend collecting some samples of materials and different shades of black and compare them. That is the only way to find the ones that best match your style.

Mix and Match

If you dream of a kitchen made in midnight shades, ask for recommendations and study the various materials available to you. When creating this look, don’t limit yourself to just the wall paint. Black flooring is an extraordinary way to add depth and visual intrigue. The secret for making a total black room interesting is in the layering of the various textures.

cucina nera

Opt for natural elements

If you decide to choose black as the recurring theme in your house, our recommendation is to warm it up. Pair it with wood accessories and white surfaces: use these complementary shades on walls or on a kitchen island, for example.

Marble? An excellent idea

The natural material that can easily put the finishing touch on this look is black marble. It is incredibly easy to clean and on its own provides a sensation of opulence and durability.

arredamento gotico

Don’t be afraid of black. It is not only timeless but truly sophisticated. We love it.


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