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Bathroom tiles in travertine

Marmo travertino travertino per bagno di lusso

When redoing your home bathroom, the choice of surface finish is always a thorny one and full of uncertainty.  The floor and wall coverings give the final effect, style, and comfort to this room, which is increasingly becoming one of the most refined rooms in the home.

The market offers gres porcelain tiles in many formats and colours, as one of the possible finishing choices.


However, the trend seems to be the choice of travertine marble floor and wall tiles for the bathroom.  This material with a noble tradition, which has been used in prestigious rooms since Roman times, lends itself very well to creating a classic marble bathroom.

bagno in travertino

Why choose travertine for bathroom floors and walls

Travertine is geologically formed in water and is therefore particularly suited for use in bathrooms.  It occurs in nature in many shades and veins in colours ranging from almost absolute white to black, with many intermediate shades.

And there are also various possible surface finishes for the material. There are polished tiles with the characteristic holes of open travertine, or those grouted and polished, with the holes grouted with cement, or brushed.

In addition to tiles, this material can also be used to make bathroom accessories such as solid washbasins, custom-made shower trays, and even bathtubs carved out of a block of travertine.

a firenze

Pietre di Rapolano: the quality of natural stone at the right price

All this is readily available and at costs that will surprise you. Pietre di Rapolano offers its customers absolutely advantageous prices, due to its extensive range of products, in various colours, from many domestic and foreign quarries, and a warehouse capable of offering a vast selection of floor coverings and washbasins.

Our prices are often even lower than gres porcelain alternatives, which often copy the textures and colours of travertine.  The fact that competitors who product gres choose to use natural stone textures confirms the general appreciation for travertine and its warm and reassuring image.

It is clear that when making a choice between the natural and real material and its artificial copy, especially if the cost is not penalising, the original is the winner!

Take a look at our catalogue and ask us for a consultation or a free quote.

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