Mirò Restaurant

Mirò Restaurant

Location Florence
Year 2016
Picture of Mirò Restaurant by Pietre di Rapolano

The flicker of the sign

The Mirò restaurant in Florence

Travertine, due to its characteristics of resistance and durability, is an excellent choice for paving public spaces destined to accommodate high foot traffic.

For the Mirò restaurant, in Via degli Olmi in Calenzano, Florence, the designers, arch. Saverio Cazzato and arch. Laura Pasquetti, chose stone for its aesthetic as well as its technical characteristics.

Both designers, being specialists in projects for accommodation facilities, boutiques and restaurants, were able to create a complete restyling plan in regard to spaces, furnishings and lighting.

Picture of Mirò Restaurant by Pietre di Rapolano


The restaurant, as its name reveals, is inspired by Joan Mirò, a Spanish surrealist painter and sculptor whose art is distinguished by decisive traits and an unconventional character.

The artistic touch, as well as being present in the dishes served, was also creatively woven into the interiors. The color palette concentrates on shades of beige and light ocher, giving brightness to the environment.

The travertine selected, which is the Zebra Sunset selection (61x61x1,3 cm format) with the Moderna finish (stuccoed and polished), covers all the floors for a surface of over 500 square meters.

Picture of Mirò Restaurant by Pietre di Rapolano

During the selection phase, Pietre di Rapolano supported the designers by preparing moodboards and providing samples of different color selections. As it is well known, travertine by its nature presents a variety of tones and nuances that are chosen in the production phase to give life to selections characterized by a dominant coloring.

The result is of considerable impact thanks also to a careful selection of lights that enhance the plastic and decorative elements on the walls and ceiling.

The environment is also decorated with sculptures and works of art, unique pieces that give character to particular angles.

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