Swimming pool in Chianti

Swimming pool in Chianti

Location Tuscany
Product Mosaics and Pool
Year 2016
Picture of Swimming pool in Chianti by Pietre di Rapolano

Endless Wonder

A swimming pool designed in detail

A splendid swimming pool, immersed in the green hills surrounding Florence, was built to accommodate a farmhouse. From the design phase onward, Pietre di Rapolano collaborated on the project, curated by engineers Tonino and Riccardo Turchetti.

Picture of Swimming pool in Chianti by Pietre di Rapolano

Travertine chosen

Initially, the plans required the construction of travertine merely for the pool’s edges and surrounding exterior areas, while the interior was projected in PVC material: this decision was made based on a reluctancy to put the stone in contact with water treatment products.

Calcium carbonate, of which travertine is composed, suffers in the presence of acidic elements (in highly acidic environments, that is); therefore, the solution was to treat the water with appropriate salt systems.

The introduction of simple salt into the pool, and the insertion of titanium plates under tension, produces disinfectant chlorine. This system also controls the pH level, which stabilizes itself on values from 7.4 to 7.6, keeping the water neutral or slightly basic. A disinfection system thus conceived eliminates any disturbances to the stone, thus allowing it to remain unchanged forever.

Picture of Swimming pool in Chianti by Pietre di Rapolano

For the pool’s interior, we opted for a mosaic in a mix of colors, from light to dark, to obtain natural water colors; whereas for the exterior, the Avana Mix selection (Pdr code 068) was used.

We chose tiles of various sizes, with a tumble finish to ensure non-slipping when wet, even though travertine already has excellent anti-slip performance.

The final chromatic effect reflects the wishes of the designers and their clients, a natural and sophisticated environment that matches the stone facade of the farmhouse and fits perfectly into the Tuscan hills.

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