Florence Hills

Florence Hills

Location Tuscany
Floors and pool
Year 2014
Picture of Florence Hills by Pietre di Rapolano

An extremely refined, countryside hill

Florence Hills Luxury Resort

The Florence Hills Luxury Resort is a holiday residence located a few kilometers from Florence, in the hills just below Vallombrosa. The artistic direction of this project was followed by the architect Nicola Visibellli.

For the outdoor flooring and the swimming pool, the Leather Brown travertine (Pdr code 027), extremely suitable because it is not very slippery, was inserted into the pebble surface finish.

Picture of Florence Hills by Pietre di Rapolano

The choice of travertine

For the edge of the pool, the steps, and the walls, tiles with a thickness increased to 3 cm, in order to obtain a more impressive effect, compared to the standard thickness of the 1.3 cm, were applied. Travertine in general is well suited for poolside because, even when wet, it is not slippery.

For the bathrooms, however, Sunset (code Pdr028) with warm tones in the modern, stuccoed and polished finish that facilitates cleaning and gives a more elegant appearance to the finished work, was chosen. With this material, floors, walls, custom-made shower trays and skirting boards have been created. In the same material the stairs and other elements of the outdoor area dedicated to relaxation were also made.

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