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White Carrara Marble

White Carrara Marble

Codice: PDR120

Carrara White Marble is one of the most famous marbles in the world, it has a clear white background featuring a pattern of light grey with the presence of spots and grey veining.


The delicate veining make this marble very elegant. 


This marble can also be used to make sinks and other special products. 

  • Easy to clean
  • This selection has a  white background with spots and grey veining

Consult the technical information to see the various possible combinations of formats and surface finishes that are available.




  • 30.5×61.0×1.0cm
  • 45.7×45.7×1.0cm
  • 61.0×61.0×1.0cm
  • 7.5x15.0x1.0cm


The product is available in the following finishes:

HonedSurface with satin and smooth appearance, durable over time and suitable for indoors and outdoors.

PolishedShining and reflecting surface obtained by the polishing machine that uses a very fine and uniform grain. Suitable for interiors.


To enhance the beauty of this product and simplify cleaning it is recommended to treat with a hydro / oleo repellent product. It is advisable to repeat the treatment once or twice a year, to maintain its beauty intact.


Always use neutral soaps when cleaning this product. Do not use anti-calcium products to avoid altering the surface finish. The marbles, stones, travertines are composed of a high percentage of calcium carbonate, which can be attacked by acid products.

Origin and processing :

This product has been conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy with materials quarried in Italy or abroad.