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Channels for built-in shower with thin bed waterproofing system

Channels for built-in shower with thin bed waterproofing system

Codice: 971 - MINIFLOW - Q

ABS trapped floor drain for built-in shower with thin bed waterproofing system.

Suitable for all natural stone and Rapolano Stone travertine shower trays.

Made of selected and guaranteed metals from the top Italian manufacturer.

  1. grid 110×110
  2. c.p. metal grid model Squares
  3. thin bed system perimetric waterproofing
  4. removable trap for cleaning
  5. ABS lateral outlet DN50
  6. tiling thickness 12÷55
  7. room under floor H. 72



28 × 19 × 20 cm


1 kg


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To enhance the beauty of this product and simplify cleaning it is recommended to treat with a hydro / oleo repellent product. It is advisable to repeat the treatment once or twice a year, to maintain its beauty intact.


Always use neutral soaps when cleaning this product. Do not use anti-calcium products to avoid altering the surface finish. The marbles, stones, travertines are composed of a high percentage of calcium carbonate, which can be attacked by acid products.

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