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Travertine bathtub “Daymo Ice”

Travertine bathtub “Daymo Ice”

Codice: VB006IC

Transform your bathroom into a high-class Spa with a natural stone tub carved from a single block.

The DAYMO model, designed by the Un-Real studio is a polyhedron with eight sides and is hand-carved from a single block of “Ice” grey travertine. It is a unique piece and almost a work of art.

A design that mirrors the countertop washbasin with the same name.


178 × 88 × 58 cm


650 kg

Drain hole

Bathroom standard Ø 40mm


To enhance the beauty of this product and simplify cleaning it is recommended to treat with a hydro / oleo repellent product. It is advisable to repeat the treatment once or twice a year, to maintain its beauty intact.


Always use neutral soaps when cleaning this product. Do not use anti-calcium products to avoid altering the surface finish. The marbles, stones, travertines are composed of a high percentage of calcium carbonate, which can be attacked by acid products.

Origin and processing :

This product has been conceived and designed in Italy and produced abroad with national or foreign materials.