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Wall travertine washbasin “Breve 2Rub”

Wall travertine washbasin “Breve 2Rub”

Codice: TR120CH2R

This washbasin was designed to be used in large bathrooms. It has two holes for taps and is thus suited to large families since two people can use it at the same time.

It can be attached to the wall with metal brackets or set on short walls or a countertop. There is also a version with a single tap.

  • The drain is the standard size

Please Note: The brackets and drain are not included in the price.


120 × 50 × 10 cm


75 kg

Piping installation

On the sink

Drain hole

Bathroom standard Ø 40mm


To enhance the beauty of this product and simplify cleaning it is recommended to treat with a hydro / oleo repellent product. It is advisable to repeat the treatment once or twice a year, to maintain its beauty intact.


Always use neutral soaps when cleaning this product. Do not use anti-calcium products to avoid altering the surface finish. The marbles, stones, travertines are composed of a high percentage of calcium carbonate, which can be attacked by acid products.

Origin and processing :

This product has been conceived and designed in Italy and produced abroad with national or foreign materials.

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